Unity Living Center

Complaint and Incident Summary Report
Report Period: December 2010 to November 2014

PFI: 3392
Regional Office: WRO--Rochester Area Office

The Department of Health investigates any allegation that a nursing home has violated federal or state regulation, or has provided inadequate care. A complaint may be made by either the resident or a third party, such as a family member or friend. Nursing homes are required by law to report any incident that results in resident harm, abuse, neglect, or mistreatment.

Complaints and Incidents Received

The table below shows the number of complaints and incidents received by the Department of Health during the reporting period. The Department of Health is responsible for reviewing all of these cases.

Complaints and Incidents ReceivedThis FacilityStatewide
Received per 100 Occupied Beds80.035.9
Note: 60.0% of the number received were for facility reported incidents.

Complaint and Incident On-site Inspections

The table below summarizes the number and outcomes of on-site inspections at the facility during the reporting period. There may be multiple complaints and incidents included in each on-site inspection at the facility.

Inspections and CitationsThis FacilityStatewide
On-Site Inspections3812,544
Citations per 100 Occupied Beds10.52.3

Citations by Deficiency Category

The table below shows the number of citations, by deficiency category, issued as a result of these investigations.

Deficiency CategoryNumber of Citations
Quality of Care8
Resident Rights3
Dietary Services0
Physical Environment0
Other Services1