Crown Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation

Enforcement Summary Report

PFI: 0161
Regional Office: Central New York Regional Office

Clicking on any "Stipulation and Order Number" will display a copy of the actual Stipulation and Order.  The last page of the Stipulation and Order, Addendum 1, lists details of the deficiencies for which the nursing home has been fined.

If a specific Stipulation and Order is related to more than one survey, the "Survey Date" column will display the term "Multiple Dates". If a specific Stipulation and Order is related to deficiencies in more than one category, the "Deficiency Category" column will display the term "Multiple Deficiencies". When either of these terms appears, click on the "Stipulation and Order Number" to view the specific dates and deficiency categories.

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Survey DateDeficiency CategoryStipulation and
Order Number
Stipulation and
Order Date
October 29, 2011Quality of CareNH-14-008September 30, 2014$10,000
Multiple DatesMultiple DeficienciesNH-12-035August 24, 2012$28,000
March 29, 2007Quality of CareNH-08-054August 20, 2008$3,000
January 4, 2005Quality of CareNH-05-023May 26, 2005$1,000
Multiple DatesQuality of CareNH-04-071October 6, 2004$3,000